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A good bow, which increases in beauty and value as the years go by, can only have been created in the studio of a traditional artisan. This is where a piece of pernambuco wood, selected by the trained eye of the master bow maker, is transformed with his highly-skilled craftsmanship into a bow for violin, viola, or cello.

In my studio in Erlangen, Germany, I create individual master bows of the highest quality; each one with its own character. All models are fashioned entirely by hand – down to the finest detail. I use properly certified natural materials only, whether it be pernambuco, ebony and mother-of-pearl, or ivory, goat's leather and horsehair. My selected woods have all been seasoned for decades.

In addition to creating modern bows, I also reproduce historical ones, Baroque or transitional Cramer bows for example. Naturally, you can depend on my skill and experience for the repair and restoration of your own bow as well.

Signature Sebastian Dirr


Mondomusica 2017 with Jürgen Teller

It was great! This year again has been a big success for our exposition stand in Cremona. It was very well visited. The stand included: photographies from the world famous photographer Jürgen Teller ( the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra on tour through Japan and South Korea), Frankonian Craft beer and my newly developed bow making apparatus. And of course people came to test and judge in all liberty over my own manufactured bows. Thanks everybody for your visit! See you next year!



The new bow making apparatus

I have developed an essential tool for every bow maker. A similar machine already existed in wood, but had small errors. I have built a new device from metal which can also be used in countries with high humidity. All problems have been fixed. At the beginning of October, Strad Magazine published an article about this little great helper.


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